YDY Fitness Game - Vehicles (Season 02)

All of the new vehicles that were added to the YDY Mobile Fitness Game for Season 02 - as the only artist on the development team, I was once more responsible for Sculpting/Modeling, Retopology, UV Layout, Rigging, Animation, and also adding VFX where needed.

When the time came to start pitching ideas for Season 02, the client gave me a lot of freedom to fill out a list to submit for final approval, so I had a lot of creative input on both the Transports/Vehicles, Levels, Power-Ups, and Avatar Accessories for the new season. (The Duck Boat was something I had originally joked about during Season 01, and was definitely one of my favorite assets to work on).

Duckboat: 8,054 Tris
Flying Broomstick: 6,590 Tris
Hamster Wheel: 9,080 Tris
Horse Chariot: 14,792 Tris
Mini Tank: 9,028 Tris

DuckBoat VFX (Can't have a Duck Boat without Bubbles, after all)

Flying Broomstick VFX (Star Trail)