Danny Boom - Infinite Runner Character

One of our clients for bencin Studios needed a character to use in an infinite runner -style game, based on their provided concept art, with the following specs:
- Diffuse-Only with Normal Maps
- Might need to be able to swap out the Shoes, Lower Body, Upper Body, or Jetpack, if character customization or cosmetics are added in the future
- The model does not need to open their mouth, or use facial emotes

Luckily, the asset didn't need to be able to open its mouth, or emote facially, so that saved a fair bit of time, polycount, and texture space.

All in all, took about a week to Sculpt > Retopologize > UV Layout > Texture > Rig, and set up the character in Unity with some retargeted animations. (Idle, Walk, Run, Jump, Fire Arm Blaster, and KO/Death).