YDY - Levels

I've been attached to a single, long-running client project since about February 2022, as part of a small team responsible for creating a fitness game/app ( https://www.ydylife.com/ ), which finally released publicly over the summer.

On the team, I am the only Artist, so I've been responsible for wearing many hats - creating all of the Avatar Models (as well as handling all of the rigging), Accessories, Levels, Particle FX, Shaders, and 2D/UI/HUD Elements; it's been a lot of work, but also very rewarding.

Space Level: Flythrough Promo

Stadium Level: Flythrough Promo

Space Level: Recording A

Space Level: Recording B

Space Level: Recording C

Space Level: Recording D

Space Level: Hologram Path shader

Stadium Level: Recording A

Miami Level: Recording A

Miami Level: Recording B

Mountain Level: Recording A

Mountain Level: Recording B