Thief-King Voro

In the cold winter lands, there is a Shadow behind every golden coin, trinket, and bauble - and its greed is never satisfied.

Every thief worth their salt knows about the Shadow: you never acknowledge its existence, or the worst kind of luck will follow you on even the most simple of jobs.

Even the least superstitious thief knows: You never talk about Thief-King Voro.

Now that the King Arthur Artstation Challenge is over, it's time to get back to completing my backlog of unfinished projects (like this one).
I used the last few days as a chance to try out Substance Designer, even if it was just for the Building and Coin Bag. So far, I'm definitely going to be using it in my pipeline going forward.

Voro: TPosed - Marmoset Viewer

Kyle field voro posed main
Kyle field voro posed detail

Voro: TPose - Marmoset Viewer

Kyle field voro tpose frontview
Kyle field voro tpose frontquarterview
Kyle field voro tpose backview
Kyle field voro tpose upperbody detail
Kyle field voro mat breakdown

Material Breakdown

Kyle field voro texturebreakdown

Texture Breakdown

Kyle field blackden thiefkingvoro token

Original Sketch

Kyle field coinpile substancedesigner screenshot

Coin Pile: Substance Designer