Anti-Tank Rifle: PBR Weapon Model

A PBR model of a Steyr HS .50 Caliber Anti-Materiel Rifle, with an assortment of specialized ammunition types.

Polygon Count: approx. 10,500 Triangles

Total Time Estimate: 30-40 Hours

Textures: 3 Texture Groups (Gun Body, Gun Accessories, and Ammunition Types)
2048x2048 (Gun Body and Accessories), 1024x1024 (Ammunition Types - Comprised of Magazine Cartridges and Bullets).
All ammo types use the same Metallic Map, and all special ammo types (I.E. not "Ball/Regular" ammo) use the same Roughness and Normal Maps. (The only thing different between them is the Base Color)

NOTE: SketchFab viewer is using 1024x1024 (Body and Accessories) and 512x512 (Ammo) textures for faster optimization.

Kyle field 1 antitankrifle totalview
Kyle field frontangleview
Kyle field cartridgesideview
Kyle field sideview
Kyle field gripdetail
Kyle field scoperaildetail
Kyle field stockdetail
Kyle field frontstrut detail
Kyle field 9 antitankrifle frontlegsdetail
Kyle field fps view
Kyle field 11 antitankrifle ballammo
Kyle field 12 antitankrifle tracerammo
Kyle field 13 antitankrifle incendiaryammo
Kyle field 14 antitankrifle armorpiercingammo
Kyle field 15 antitankrifle ap incendiaryammo
Kyle field wireframe
Kyle field body textures
Kyle field accessory maps

Gun Accessory Texture Maps

Anti-Tank Rifle (SketchFab Viewer)