Anti-Tank Rifle: PBR Weapon Model

A PBR model of a Steyr HS .50 Caliber Anti-Materiel Rifle, with an assortment of specialized ammunition types.

Polygon Count: approx. 10,500 Triangles

Total Time Estimate: 30-40 Hours

Textures: 3 Texture Groups (Gun Body, Gun Accessories, and Ammunition Types)
2048x2048 (Gun Body and Accessories), 1024x1024 (Ammunition Types - Comprised of Magazine Cartridges and Bullets).
All ammo types use the same Metallic Map, and all special ammo types (I.E. not "Ball/Regular" ammo) use the same Roughness and Normal Maps. (The only thing different between them is the Base Color)

NOTE: SketchFab viewer is using 1024x1024 (Body and Accessories) and 512x512 (Ammo) textures for faster optimization.

Gun Accessory Texture Maps

Gun Accessory Texture Maps

Anti-Tank Rifle (SketchFab Viewer)